3D Batix Extra 330 Depron


Motor Cheap outrunner 1050KV - 14A - 50g
Propeller APC E 9x6
AUW 350g
Battery 3S Lipo 1000mah 20C
Power (in) 150W max
ESC Cheap 18A
Receiver Simprop Scan7 V2 Synth
Servos 2x SG50 tail - 1x HS81 aileron
First flight Spring 2007
Retired no
Comment It flies surprisingly well for the extremely low price you can build it up. I would suggest it as a good introductory 3D plane, you can have it flying completely equiped for no more than 50€ - depending on quality of materials you use, but this plane does not deserve high quality components in my opinion. I just spend the money in the receiver, but just because I do like synthetized too much...

Only problem I saw in its first flies is a big tendency to flex wings (both main and tail) even though I added carbon and fiber rods. Still it survives all the acrobatic figures (including moderate wind) and performs surprisingly well.

Motor is outstanding for its price (15€) and have plenty of power for this plane, including not only 3D but unlimited vertical.


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