Arthobby's Fantasy 2M


Motor Mega 22/20/3E - also tested Mega 22/30/3
Propeller Aeronaut CAM folder 10x6 carbon
AUW 1.7kg
Battery 3S Lipo 3300mah 20C or 3s2p 4400mah 12C
Power (in) 550W
ESC Jeti Opto Plus 70A
Receiver Multiplex DS Synth 7ch
Servos 4x MC-1000 MG/BB (flaps and ailerons)

2x HS81MG (tail)

First flight Spring 2006

mkII : Winter 2007 (V-Tail)

Retired Fall 2006 (lost in sky with a big thermal)

mkII : still in service

Comment Excellent all around plane, very good thermal capabilities when you activate camber for flaps and ailerons, high quality construction and materials although requires significant work to build and some skills to do it properly. It is reasonably fast but not a hotliner by any mean. Very affordable in price for the quality.


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