Multiplex Space Scooter

Motor MEGA 22/20/3E
Propeller Folder 10x6
AUW 800g
Battery 3S Lipo 2200mah 20C
Power (in) 400W
ESC Jeti Opto Plus 40A
Receiver Multiplex Synth 7ch
Servos 1x HS81 (ailerons)

2x Towerpro 9g (tail)

First flight Winter 2005
Retired Partially - I removed power plant and have it for slope soaring only.
Comment Dissapointing plane with original permax 400 power plant, very limited and low quality folding propeller. I had no other motor at hand but this powerful Mega then I tried, it was extremelly fast at 1/3 gas, plus unlimited vertical. The problem is this plane is really small thus a slower motor is better. A Mega 16/15/7 would be my second choice.



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